PCB layout is implemented by designers with mechanical / electronic engineering degrees, having extensive experience in the field of layout design and PCB manufacturing technology.

Layout design group is supported by other electronic engineers and component base specialists.  

This support provides additional verification of used electronic components and expertise in proper solutions of signal integrity, control impedance, RFI and power dissipation issues.

PCB and electronic boards assembly technology knowledge allow us to propose proper solutions and recommendations, providing boards’ manufacturability (DFM) and testability (DFT). So our style is proactive toward our clients– we would like our clients to get a best PCB layout.

Plexus specialists have different technical guidelines for PCB layout design based on IPC standards and signal integrity’s books and carry out PCB manufacturers quality auditing every quarter.

Plexus design capability:

High layer count 6+ layers and special materials

BGA, Flip-Chip, V-cut and PCMCIA

High Density Interconnection (HDI), blind and buried vias

Flexible and rigid-flexible boards design

Design software we use: Allegro (Cadence),Expedition PCB (Mentor Graphics)              Altium Design